According to Hamptons International in 2019 there were 2.66 million landlords in the UK. Although the Buy-to-Let sector has been targeted with higher taxes and more frequent checks to ensure housing stock is of a standard fit to be lived in the market has remained resilient. 

The underlying assessments by and large have not changed but has changed is the visibility. The status of reports is now more public than ever. Just like when you get a car MOT’d now within seconds a notification appears on your phone that it has passed or failed. Likewise, we have the system of data being open for apps and websites to view.

Following this it then becomes much easier to fine those landlords who are responsible for properties that are not meeting the minimum standards for livability.  The action then goes back to the Landlord to action it and correct the situation. This is where this site comes in. It shouldn’t be an excuse that the assessment cannot be done. According to UK Energy Research Centre, in 2019, there were 130,000 heating engineers registered with Gas Safe alone. 

Our mission is to make sure you find a competent person to carry out the assessments needed as a Landlord so you are in compliance with regulations.