Gas Safety Certificate

As a landlord you have a legal duty to repair and maintain all gas pipework, flues and appliances.  You need a Gas Safety Certificate to ensure every gas appliance in the property has been tested .

This is a legal requirement and the check needs to be performed annually. 

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  • What is a Gas Safety Record?

A gas safety Record or sometimes called a gas safety certificate, or even CP12 is the document you are given after an inspection has been carried out on all the gas fittings and gas appliances in the property to ensure they are fit for purpose .

Do I need a Gas Safety Certificate?

Basically, Yes!

As a landlord, you have a legal obligation to ensure a qualified and registered engineer has inspected the property you are renting and they have given you a gas safety certificate that confirms all gas-related fittings and appliances in the property are of a good condition.

Beyond keeping compliant the underlying reason can not be under-estimated. Gas is a fuel that is used by the gas boiler to heat our homes and provide hot water. However, there are risks such as explosion if damaged and poorly maintained. There is also the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning and burns. If the damage, especially to life, is severe landlords could face criminal charges and potentially prison for failing to ensure tenant safety.

How long are they valid for?

From the date of the inspection the certificate is valid for one year and must be renewed each year.

Who can carry out an Inspection?

A gas safety record can only be issued by an engineer registered with the Gas Safe Register. The Gas Safe register superceded CORGI as the only legally recognised gas safety register in the UK. This was from 1st April 2009. As a recommendation you can check the potential engineer is on the register from the gas safe register website. If their name and Gas Safe number are not there then they are working illegally. Also, any work they have done would also be illegal.

How much does a gas safety certificate cost?

There is no universal set pricing to carry out a gas safety inspection. Registered engineers set their own prices. The price also varies with how many appliances need to be checked. In general though the typical range is around £35 – £80.

Landlords – What are your gas safety responsibilities?

There is a legal duty on landlords letting residential property to ensure it is safe for your tenants. If your property uses natural gas to heat it then you need to ensure all gas fittings, pipework, appliances, flues are of a good working order that will not endanger life. Before the tenant moves in the landlord provides a copy of the current record to the potential tenant.

How long does it take?

On an average house maybe 30-40 minutes. Of course, every property is different.

What happens during a gas safety check?

The gas safe engineer will test all appliances and gas tubing, but also:

  • Check the chimneys and flues for blockage. The engineer will likely use smoke pellets and trace how much of the smoke makes it’s way outside. If any returns to the origin, the flue is likely blocked and needs to be cleared.
  • Check the gas connections and infrastructure. It’s important that the gas supply is delivering gas safely and directly to your gas appliances. The engineer will check if all connections follow safety regulations.
  • Check the ventilation and oxygen supply. The gas safe engineer will check if enough oxygen is supplied to correctly burn gas.
  • Check every gas appliance. The engineer will list basic model and manufacturer information about each gas appliance. They will test how they work and if they burn gas correctly, without fault. If anything is amiss, they will turn off and disconnect the appliance. If there is a simple fix to the problem, they might try to repair the appliance on the spot. However, if there is need for more serious repair, they will include repair and maintenance recommendations in the report.

What happens after the Gas Safety Certification inspection?

Once the engineer has inspected the property he will record all findings in the gas safety record. This is a certificate in triplicate. Meaning one copy stays with the engineer, one goes to the Landlord and the third goes to the tenant. Typically, the engineer will give both landlords and tenants to the landlord and it is landlords responsibility to forward to the tenant. The original gas safety record must be kept by the tenant and the landlord for a minimum of two years.

What does a gas safety certificate show?

  • The full name, signature and registration number of the gas engineer who performed the gas safety check
  • The address of the property being checked
  • The contact details of the landlord of the property, or an estate agent if applicable
  • The date of the inspection
  • The location and description of all gas appliances and flues
  • Any defects or irregularities found with the gas appliances
  • Any repairs that have been done on the spot
  • What repairs are still necessary to bring the appliances into working condition
  • When the appliance needs to be serviced again
  • Confirmation that all relevant safety checks have been carried out

You can take a look at the sample provided by the Gas Safety Register HERE

Can a Gas safety inspection fail?

If the engineer spots anything that isn’t right then this is obviously not a good sign and must be rectified immediately. The consequence of poor gas safety, well, its so important its in the title! Firstly, the property is not safe, there is now a danger to life. If there are carbon monoxide leaks for example, remember, it has no odour, no colour, no flavour. Human beings cannot detect its presence and yet, it is extremely poisonous that can easily suffocate.

As a landlord please do everything you can to have the best standards – Lives are at stake and you wouldn’t want the unimaginable hanging over you for the rest of your life.